SPOT News:   Storm, rain disrupt Delhi airport operations

July 23, 2016
The lone gunman of Munich mall massacre of Friday - Ali David Sonboly - was not an Islamic terrorist; however, witnesses said he shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he began the shooting spree and killed himself after the rampage.

May 31, 2016
The WHO has warned that tobacco continues to be a major risk factor for public health. It kills 150 people per hour in South-East Asia. Plain packaging of tobacco products can save lives by reducing the demand for tobacco products, says the WHO. Today is No Tobacco Day.

WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh has said tobacco continues to be a major public health issue in South-East Asia. About 246 million people in the region's 11 countries continue to smoke tobacco and 290 million people consume it in other ways.

Coming soon, a 'stressed asset fund!'
The Government is planning to set up a "stressed asset fund" to invest in the "stressed assets" (NPAs!) of banks, a Minister has stated. Couched in high- sounding economic terminology imported from Western practices, these are ways to further divert the poor people's money and hoodwink them. Moreover, is there any such asset visible to the naked eye? The bad loans called non-performing assets are worth about Rs 8 lakh cr, according to the Minister. Again, there were loans, in the first place, born out of 'arrangements.'

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"There are some people in this country who talk of democracy but don't allow a Government elected by the people to function...", said Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Devangere in Karnataka on Sunday.
The HRD Ministry is planning to bring experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to improve the curriculum and teaching methods of the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) in the country, especially to privide the academics an industry orientation, according to a report.
After launching innumerable schemes during the past two years, the Union Govt has now decided to review the implementation and utility status of schemes already launched rather than launch more and more new schemes.

May 31, 2016
Seventeen army personnel were killed and 17 were injured after a fire broke out at the Army's Central Ammunition Depot in Pulgaon in Wardha district in Maharashtra on Tuesday morning.

The Pulgaon ammunition depot is Asia’s second biggest central ammunition depot, situated 80 km from Nagpur. "The fire has been completely doused and the situation is now under control. The injured personnel have been shifted to the Multi Speciality Hospital in Wardha for treatment," an Army officer said.

Foreign News
       A part of the White House was closed on Monday after a woman threw a metallic object over the fence on the northern side along Pennsylvania Avenue. The woman was apprehended. The closure was called off after necessary checks.

National News
     May 30, 2016   President Pranab Mukherjee said that the recent attacks on African students in Delhi and other places are extremely painful. He reassured the African students in India that they should have no reason to fear for their safety and security.

Sports News
       Footballer Patrick Ekeng died after collapsing on the pitch in Bucharest on Friday. The Cameroon midfielder was playing for Dinamoo Bucharest against Viitorul Constanta. The 26-year old had a wife and daughter.

Business & Economy
       The Government has announced its decision to allow 100% FDI in online retail of goods and services on a digital platform of ‘marketplace'. There will be a ban on discounts by the online platforms.

      Mumbai: Veteran comedian Razak Khan passed away on Wednesday afternoon following a cardiac arrest. The actor was rushed to the Holy Family hospital in Bandra, but the doctors declared him brought dead. His son Asad Khan who is currently in Croatia will arrive later today. The funeral will be held at Narialwadi Kabaristan, Byculla, after 4 pm tomorrow. Razak had acted in more than 90 films.
      Charles Darwin's children may have blighted themselves genetically because of generations of inbreeding in his own family. The research has associated a series of marriages between cousins from Darwin's family...
      Chinese scientists have reported that the world's first genetically-modified cow with high level of Omega-3 fatty acid has turned nine-months old, is healthy and expected to produce milk rich in the fatty acid essential for human health.
      Global warming has swallowed five islands in the Solomon archipelago, confirming rise in sea level due to climate change.
     'Wetlands for our Future – Sustainable Livelihoods' is the theme for this year's World Wetlands Day, which the Environment Ministry will celebrate at the Sunderbans.
      Washington: Premature babies are more at the risk of developing weaker bones in life. A Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) study shows that both those born prematurely with a very low birth weight and those who were born full term, but small for their gestational age, had lower bone mass than the control group, who were born full term with normal weights.

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   New Delhi: The meat found at the home of Mohammed Akhlaq, who was lynched by a mob in Dadri September last, has been confirmed as 'beef' in a forensic investigation. Akhlaq (52) and his son Danish were attacked by a mob at Bisada village in Dadri over rumours that they had slaughtered a cow. The report of the forensic laboratory, Mathura, said, "On the basis of chemical analysis the sample belongs to cow or its progeny".


HARIDWAR: Have you heard of anybody living on mud? Here is Rameshwar, a farmer by occupation, who has become quite popular in Haridwar because of his bizarre habit of consuming mud on a regular basis. It's very strange to learn that he has no problems and is absolutely healthy. He has no problems with his digestive system, according to a report. He has been eating mud for the last 17 years. He claims that he started eating mud after he suffered from a disease of...

   THIMPHU: Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan has given birth to a crown prince for the Himalayan kingdom. Everone in the country is thrilled. Prayers are being held at all sacred places. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Their Majesties the King Jigme Wangchuk and the Queen. The birth of the Gyalsey is considered an assurance of continuity of the Wangchuck dynasty as enshrined in the genja of 1907 and the Constitution of Bhutan. Her Majesty and the Gyalsey are doing well at the palace. For the Bhutanese, "a year of the most marvelous conjunction of events, or tendril", as they say, "the Year of the Male Fire Monkey, which comes but once in 60 years!"

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