Kashmir capital shifts to Srinagar

      The Civil Secretariat of Jammu and Kashmir has started functioning from Srinagar. The Jammu and Kashmir Civil Secretariat and other departments function for six months in summer capital Srinagar and winter capital Jammu. Nearly 10,000 government officials and employees arrived with hundreds of truckloads of files and other documents on Monday. Srinagar is 300 kilometres north of Jammu. Srinagar, in the Kashmir Valley in Himalayas, experiences severe winter and a pleasant weather in summers. While Jammu city, in the foothills, records high temperatures during summer but is relatively warm in winters. The practice of shifting of the Durbar (royal court) was started in 1882 by the then Maharaja Pratap Singh to meet the aspirations of the people living in far-flung areas of the State.

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