Beijingers' 52 min commute is longest travel time of workers in China

      Beijing-dwellers have the longest average commutation time from work to home, in China says a new study. Calculations by the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that Beijing tops 50 major cities in commuting times - 52 minutes on average. Experts attribute this unduly long duration to the second-rate quality of public transport in the city. Residents from 17 cities, out of a total 50 cities analyzed, spend more than 30 minutes in traffic. "Spending half an hour is not too bad but could still be improved to catch up with the international standard," the China Daily quoted Niu Wenyuan, a senior researcher with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as saying. Niu led the project of writing the "2010 Report on New Chinese Model of Urbanization", which was released on Saturday and included a calculation of traffic times.

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