Canada tenders unconditional apology over discrimination in visa issue: Krishna

      External Affairs Minister S M Krishna on Friday said Canada issued an unconditional apology over discrimination in visa issue. Krishna said Jason Kenny, the Minister in charge of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada has sent him a letter regretting the incident. "He has sent the External Affairs Ministry a detailed copy of the statement, where he has expressed sentiments that Canada has the highest regard for India , its government institutions and processes and they have deeply regretted the recent incident," said Krishna on the outlines of the launch of Passport Seva Project. The issue first came to light when the Canadian High Commission denied a visa last week to a retired Border Security Force (BSF) trooper Fateh Singh Pandher on grounds that he was associated with 'a notoriously violent force.' A retired Lieutenant General A S Bahia, who served as a member of Defence Appellate Tribunal had alleged that Canadian Home office refused to grant him a visa because he had served in Jammu and Kashmir . Earlier, a former Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer was also denied a visa because the Canadian Government believed he would indulge in spying in their country. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had strongly opposed the act of Canadian authorities through the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao had said that the MEA has taken up the matter with the Canadian High Commission. "We have expressed concern and we continue to take this seriously," said Nirupama Rao.

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