Chinese woman, 60, gives birth to twin girls

     A retired Chinese woman, who gave birth to twin girls at the age of 60, has landed at the top of the list of the country's oldest mothers. The two babies were born prematurely on May 25, 34 weeks after Cheng Lin (pseudonym) successfully received in-vitro fertilization (IVF), reports China Daily. Cheng and her husband had decided to try for a baby again after Tingting, their daughter died at 28, along with her husband, in a gas poisoning incident last year. According to the Xin'an Evening News, Cheng married in 1977, and had her only daughter, Tingting, in 1980. She grew up healthy and married in September 2008. Half a year into the marriage, Tingting and her husband died as a result of gas poisoning during the Spring Festival in 2009. Cheng and her husband were heartbroken over the deaths, and in a bid to find comfort she decided to try for a baby through IVF, even though she realised that having another baby at her age was probably out of the question. Her husband Wu was not initially in favour of the idea, but at Cheng's insistence he finally and reluctantly agreed. With the help of their friends, Cheng and her husband travelled to Beijing last May, conducting face-to-face interviews with a host of gynaecology specialists. Most of them thought that her chances of becoming pregnant would be very slim and that such a pregnancy would be unprecedented in the country. However, Cheng did not give up and began to take daily medication and injections after she returned to Hefei . On October 13, 2009, Cheng had a successful test-tube baby operation and she became pregnant with twins. Since Cheng could not go full term with her pregnancy like younger mothers, the doctor at Hefei 105 Hospital, where she awaited the delivery, decided to conduct a Caesarean section. "I do not have any thought, other than wishing for the safe birth of my two children," she said before being sent to the surgery room. The two infant girls are now in incubators in the hospital's intensive care unit. "The infants' conditions are stable. The medical checks are ongoing and we need to further observe their conditions due to the complexity of the prematurity," a nurse at the hospital said. "Their cry resembles my late daughter, which is very silvery," Cheng said while frowning from the pain from the scar on her stomach. "The girls give me and my husband the courage to live on. Despite the fact that we are old, we have the confidence to bring them up," she added.

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