BJP observes 'Black Day' on UPA Govt's first anniversary

     The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) observed a 'Black Day' here on Monday on the first anniversary of the second stint of the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government. Delhi BJP President Vijendra Gupta, who organised the protest, said the prices have increased by 100 percent during the last two years. BJP leaders Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley staged a sit-in-demonstration to protest the price rise. Swaraj compared prices of essential commodities before and after the elections. "The prices of commodities need to compared with the day we went to vote during the elections and now. The pulses that were sold for 60 rupees per kilogram were 90 rupees after three weeks of elections. Before the elections, the sugar that was sold for 35 rupees per kilogram is sold for 50 rupees now," said Swaraj. "The flour, which was sold for 17 rupees per kilogram before the elections, is now sold for 22 rupees. The rice which was sold for 20 rupees per kilogram before the elections is sold for 25 rupees now," she added. Swaraj further said the prices of petrol and diesel prices have also gone up during the UPA regime. "In the first year, this was the year which witnessed recession globally. Generally, the prices are lowered during recession anywhere in the world. Prices are under control in the whole world now," said Jaitley. "The first and the foremost flaw of the government is that the government has not taken any steps to fight the inflation," he added. Further lashing out at the Congress-led UPA Government, Jaitley said the government is still confused about the steps to be taken in dealing with the Maoists. "Today, the situation of the government is that a minister is busy in ensuring the exchange of goods with China and the rest of the what does the Home Minister says...that, the Cabinet has given me a very limited role to fight the Maoists. This is the situation of the government today," said Jaitley.

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