Only miracle can avert showdown between PPP and judiciary

      Last moment stereotype telephonic contact between Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is unlikely to leave any positive impact and only a miracle could avert showdown between the Government and the judiciary. Background interview with political leaders in the coalition Government shows that the PPP is all set for confrontation with the superior judiciary on the NRO issue. The Nation quoted sources in the ruling coalition as saying that they would not be going to stand by the PPP in NRO cases, as they had done in the National Assembly by dissociating themselves from the issue. The sources further said that non of the PPP coalition partners would stand by it on NRO issue while PML-N had already demanded in clear terms that all the judgements of apex court should be implemented and that the looted public money should be brought back in the country. The PPP core committee comprising the President's close confederates had outwitted the moves of Prime Minister Gilani on the issue, and showing little bit softness on writing a letter to the Swiss Government on reopening of the Swiss cases against the President. These legal experts were of the view that in case of adopting a confrontation course, the issue of Presidential immunity would come in question and finally the apex court would strike down the immunity available to President in the constitution against criminal proceedings till the time he was holding the office of President of Pakistan. The sources in the Government informed that a group of PPP leaders were of the view that the Government should lock horns with the apex judiciary on the issue of 18th Constitutional Amendment instead of NRO case, as in this way they would be having the full support of Parliament, the paper reports.

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