Barack Obama upstaged by scurrying rodent

      In the midst of his battle with Wall Street, US President Barack Obama was upstaged - by a mystery rodent. Obama had just begun a Rose Garden statement on his financial overhaul when suddenly, out of nowhere, a rodent scurried straight past the gray podium with the presidential seal. "I would partially rule out rat," The Telegraph quoted Russell Link, a wildlife biologist who works for the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, as saying. "That's due to the lack of a tail that is typically equal to body length." "My suspicion is it's a vole, commonly called a 'meadow mouse' out our way," he said, after viewing a photograph. This is not the first time a rodent has been sighted around the White House, and it won't be the last. Washington is, after all built, along a river, on what used to be a malarial swamp.

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