J-K police training people in combat tactics

     Residents of RS Pura district of Jammu and Kashmir are being given training in combating militants in the region by the state police. The Jammu and Kashmir Police along with the Village Defence Committee (VDC) are imparting special training to the people of R S Pura. The Police Department brought all VDC's together because the people from neighbouring villages recognise each other and can keep an eye on the militants. "The advantage of such a training, for people like us, is that when we go to the borders we are able to handle the tough situation. We can help our own people and protect the border from any militant activities," said Bushan Lal, a Village Defence Committee member "There are many more advantages even for the Village Defence Committee during militant infiltrations. They are able to recognise the outsiders instantly," he added. They are taught how to deal with emergencies in the region. Around 500 rounds were fired during the ongoing training program at the Satowali firing range. "The local level security grid comprises the Village Defence Committee, which plays an important role in border security. They have been briefed about intelligence gathering, how to maintain the local level security grid, how to use the weapons and guard them," said J.S Johar, Superintendent of Police, Headquarter, Jammu and Kashmir police. "They are also taught how to prepare ambushes. Apart from this, they have practised how to fire. The Village Defence Committees of R.S Pura and Miran Sahib were given training that has been a confidence booster for them," he added. The VDC members have been giving important information leading to the arrest of many militants near the borders. The Village Defence Committee members are happy with the three- day training session. The Committee was set up ten years ago, but the District Police felt that more training needed to be given to them to combat militant activities in the area.

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