'Austerity drive may be extended to MPs after an all-party meet'

      The UPA Government's austerity drive is expected to be extended to all Members of Parliament (MPs) following an all-party meeting, according to sources. Vice President Hamid Ansari will call an all-party meeting to decide on the issue once Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar's returns from Rome, inside sources said. Following the top party leaders' much publicized economy class flights and train rides, the UPA had requested Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha chairpersons to convince all MPs to join the austerity drive. The Chairman of the Rajya Sahba and the Lok Sabha Speaker are expected to hold a discussion on the austerity drive. The move is to promote the austerity comes in the wake of the country experiencing a crippling draught. The Congress party has already advised its ministers and lawmakers to donate 20 percent of their salary towards draught relief. They have also been told to travel economy class and not hold press conferences in five-star hotels.

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