Rashid Rauf training terrorist recruits in Pak for attacks in UK

     Pakistani officials have warned that Rashid Rauf, alleged to have played a key role in the British airline bomb plot, has been involved in recruiting and grooming two dozen people to carry out new attacks in Britain. According to reports, Pakistan intelligence has said that Rauf, who had escaped from police custody and was believed to have survived a November 2008 strike in North Waziristan, used the name Khalid to recruit fellow Britons for training at a camp in the tribal areas of Pakistan. "Rauf is an explosive expert who has effectively devised methods of explosives using easy-to-get ingredients that are virtually undetectable or can raise no alarms for authorities. We know that they are planning a very serious attack and it is very important for us to arrest all of them," The Telegraph quoted a Pakistan intelligence source, as saying. "If they are able to strike it is going to give a bad name to Pakistan once again for no reason," the source added. Another official has claimed that Rauf has also been involved with a group of Arab and Uzbek terrorists. The warning has come after Pakistani authorities decrypted communications between Pakistan and the UK through emails and text messages, which indicated Rauf's involvement under a fresh identity with the name Khalid. The warning is important to British authorities as Rauf had facilitated the July 2005 bombings in London, a follow-on attack that failed in the same month, and a plot against as many as 10 airliners originating from Heathrow Airport in the summer of 2006. Earlier, US informant Bryant Vinas, who had confessed to plotting against the Long Island Rail Road earlier this year, reportedly provided important information concerning Rauf that led authorities to believe he is still alive and plotting terror.

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