Becks incurs wrath of North Korea's Kim-Jong II

     England football star David Beckham has incurred the wrath of North Korean leader Kim-Jong II after posing with freed American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. According to News of The World, the grinning midfield maestro welcomed the two reporters home following their release, secured by former president Bill Clinton after 140 days in a grim North Korean jail. Jong-Il, 68, hit the roof when he saw the happy snaps, taken after an LA Galaxy home game, ¬≠according to sources in North Korea. And, when England slaughtered Croatia 5-1 last week to secure a place in South Africa next year, he seized on the result as an opportunity to gain revenge. The little-known North Korean team has booked a place in the country's first World Cup since 1966 after qualifying from its Asian group. Now Jong-Il has promised his players a big money cash bonus if they meet and beat England next year. They have been promised the "party to end all parties" at his private seven-storey palace in Pyongyang, the nation's capital, as well as a "joyride" on his personal, 21-carriage presidential train.

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