Majuli inhabitants resort to prayer to stop soil erosion

      The inhabitants of Majuli Island in Assam perform a Hindu ritual to check the rapid soil erosion near the banks of the river Brahmaputra. Swelling water of river Brahmaputra river has eroded the land and the residents fear that their houses near the banks of the river might get washed away. "We mainly depend on the divine spirit, so we have come to the shore of the river to pray to the divine spirit which has caused us to surrender ourselves having no other means to save ourselves and the holy land," said Bhabhananda Dev Goswami, Benganati Satradhikar. He added that the erosion has continued. Majuli is home to many wild birds and animals. Due to the rapid erosion this monsoon, the existence of a famous Benganati Satra (a holy shrine) is in danger. The shrine is among the oldest of its kind. "People of this land believe and depend on this kind of ritual for their existence and survival. We do believe in modern technologies, but religious rituals are above all. So, today all the satradhikars along with the followers of Majuli have gathered here to pray to the divine god to save this place from rapid erosion," said Pitamber Dev Goswami, Aunati Satrdhikar. Every year, torrential monsoon rains create panic in Assam, causing the mighty river and its tributaries to breach embankments, displacing thousands of families.

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