Suspected Jakarta bombing ‘mastermind’ was trained in Pak

     In yet another case which determines that terror is Pakistan’s principle export, it has been revealed that the prime suspect of the July 2009 Jakarta hotel attacks received military training in Pakistan. Indonesia’s national police chief General Bambang Hendarso Danuri disclosed that Mohamad Jibril, who allegedly provided funds for the terror group responsible for the bombings, received training in Pakistan during 1999-2000. “Jibril received military training from several Jemaah Islamiyah activists for about a year, from 1999- 2000,” Bambang told the House of Representatives. “The training was conducted in Pakistan while he was studying there,” he added. Mohamad Jibril alias Mohamad Rizky Ardhan alias Muhammad Jibriel Abdul Rahman was arrested two weeks ago. He is believed to have played a key role in raising funds for the terrorist group led by Noordin Top, who belongs to Malaysia. The Indonesian police suspect that the money was coming from Middle Easte countries such as Saudi Arabia and Yemen, however, it is yet to arrive on any conclusion. Officials said they are still working to find more solid evidence against Jibril, who was nabbed after his cell phone number was found in Ali Muhammad bin Abdullah’s mobile phone. Ali is a Saudi Arabian who was arrested a few days before Jibril, the reports. It has also been revealed that Jibril’s uncle, Irfan S Awwas, was the chairman of a radical Islamic organization , Indonesia Mujahidin Council (MMI).

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