After US, India plans expansion of its Islamabad embassy

     Amid reports of US’ massive expansion plans for its Islamabad embassy, India too is planning renovation and expansion work for its embassy. According to sources, the Indian embassy has already acquired 10-acres of land in Islamabad’s Diplomatic Enclave area to construct more offices and residences for the officials. The embassy is also planning to deploy more commandos and security guards in and around the embassy building in Islamabad, The Nation reports. Highly placed government sources said Islamabad has allowed the expansion of the Indian embassy following New Delhi’s request. “Keeping in view modern day requirements, the Indian request was accepted and we are well aware of the situation,” sources said. Meanwhile, questions are being raised over the purported expansion plans both by US and India, besides the purpose of providing land to these embassies. Certain quarters in Islamabad have expressed their reservations regarding the issue, saying the Parliament should have been taken into confidence over this sensitive matter.

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