Nepal assures India it won't allow fake note smuggling

     Nepal Prime Minister Madhav Kumar has said his government is really concerned about the fake indian currency note racket and would take proper action against anyone who indulges in the practice. Talking to reporters in Birganj in the Terai plains near the Indo-Nepalese border, Nepal said, "We are really concerned about this racket and if anyone uses our land to supply fake currency into India, we will take proper action." "Any unlawful activities detrimental to the interest of our neighbouring country will not be allowed," he added. He also assured India that Nepal soil will not be used for the smuggling fake of Indian currency into India. His assurance came following the nabbing of two Nepali nationals by the anti terror squad of Madhya Pradesh in connection with a fake Indian currency racket that revealed the involvement of former Crown Prince Paras and India''s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. They further revealed that Yunus Ansari, the son of a minister, was the conduit between Paras and Dawood, who between them have been pushing in crores of fake Indian currency into India. According to sources, Dawood manages the printing and manufacture of the fake currency, while Paras is responsible for its transit from other countries into Nepal and India. Paras reportedly used his influential position to ensure the money reached the designated transit points on the India-Nepal border without a hitch.

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