Queen reprimands Brown over equipment shortage in Afghanistan

      Britain's Queen Elizabeth has reportedly reprimanded Prime Minister Gordon Brown for handling the war in Afghanistan poorly, especially on the issue of equipment shortage for troops. Leading historian and journalist Andrew Roberts, who has close links with the Royal Family, said he had learned of the Queen's anger through a member of the Royal Family, a serving general and a recent Cabinet minister. Prince Philip and Prince Charles have also contacted Brown over the plight of the servicemen and women fighting in the region. "The Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles are all furious with Gordon Brown over sub- standard equipment in Helmand, principally the under-armoured vehicles and the lack of helicopters, and have been making their views known to him in no uncertain terms," Daily Express quoted Roberts, as saying. A Buckingham Palace spokesman, however, said: "Any private conversation between the Queen and the Prime Minister, or indeed any conversation, we would regard as private." The Queen is the head of the Armed Forces, and carries out regular meetings with the Prime Minister, but the details of what they talk about are always confidential.

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