Manipur protests continue against alleged fake encounter

     People in Manipur are getting tired of protests against an alleged fake encounter in which a former militant and a pregnant woman were killed by police commandos on July 23. The strike, called by civil rights organizations, call for an immediate punishment of those who are guilty. "On behalf of the people, we want immediate peace and an end to the ongoing violence in the state, only then I believe the situation will return to normal," said Phajabi Devi, a local protestor. Following the strike, markets, educational institutions, banks, business establishments and entertainment houses remained closed, which has caused immense inconvenience to locals. "The people are facing immense difficulties because of increasing violence in the state. There have been so many killings even in the past. We as mothers are unable to take it any more. We cannot live like this," said Chaobi Devi, a local. "Due to the violence and curfew in the state, education has been severely affected. We the people are really suffering. We are daily wage earners and because of the situation, a lot of our time has been wasted," said Ibecha Devi, another local. The Manipur government had ordered a magisterial inquiry into the incident and as protests continue curfew are imposed in disturbed areas to prevent any untoward incident.

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