'Saudis concerned over Pak's turbulent political scene'

     Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief and a close associate of former President General Pervez Musharraf, Nasim Ashraf has said that Saudi authorities are very concerned about Pakistan's present political condition. Terming Musharraf's recent Riyadh visit a 'success', Ashraf said Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz was concerned about the current turbulent political situation in Pakistan. He said Musharraf is likely to return to Pakistan in December. "Musharraf would visit the US in the third week of September where he would deliver 15 lectures at various universities and institutions, and was expected to return to Pakistan by the end of the year," The Daily Times quoted Ashraf, as saying. Ashraf is also one of the respondents in the case filed against Musharraf for illegally removing judges of the higher judiciary from their post.

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