Wushu Championship a big draw in Shillong

     The 7th Meghalaya Wushu Championship attracted a large number of martial art enthusiasts to Shillong. 'Wushu', derived from traditional Chinese martial arts, is a combination of Taekwondo, Judo and Boxing. The art form originated from warfare combat and it has been shaped and devised into an effective self-defence mechanism. It is presently quit a draw for the local youths in Meghalaya. Over a 100 students participated in the Wushu championship, organized by the Meghalaya Wushu Association here. "More and more students want to know about this game. This game is very competitive. There are three parts, taekwondo, boxing and judo. Three events are mixed together kick, punch and throw. That's why this is a good game," said Yogesh Nongrum, a participant. "I feel this sport is very important for me. As human beings we need exercise. The youth of this generation should get involved in sports. I will try my best to be a good sportsperson," said Monica Nongrum, another participant. Winners of the tournament will be selected to represent the State in the upcoming 4th North East Wushu Championship that will be held at Imphal in Manipur next month.

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