Pak daily says India's RAW collaborating with Afghanistan RAAM

      An article in The Frontier Post has suggested, though without substantiated proof, that India's external intelligence agency - the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) - is operating in Balochistan and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in collaboration with newly established Afghan intelligence agency RAAM (earlier name KHAD). According to the article, Afghanistan has made two detachments in Riasat 25 and 33. It says that both of these establishments are being fed by RAW for creating an internal security threat inside Pakistan. The RAW and RAAM have developed a deep relationship with each other, so much so that the RAW recently restructured KHAD and gave it the name of Hindu god RAAM, claims the Frontier Post article. The article also suggests that Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies are funding terrorist-related sabotage activities in Pakistan. It claims that RAW chief V M Sharma and RAAM chief Amarullah Saleh have held a number of meetings in Kabul and New Delhi.

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