Taliban bans non-local reporters’ entry into Waziristan

      The Taliban in Pakistan ’s Waziristan Agency has banned non-local journalists from entering and covering the military offensive in South Waziristan. “We respect journalists, but wish to warn them in advance against coming to North Waziristan for coverage of the displaced people or the operation in South Waziristan,” The News quoted Taliban spokesman Hafiz Gul Bahadar, as saying. In a statement issued on Friday, militants alleged that most of the outsiders were involved in spreading propaganda against them and that is why they won’t allow non-local reporters to enter the region. “Majority of the reporters coming from outside spread disinformation about this place which has forced us to ban their entry into the area,” The News quoted the statement, as saying. Journalists who violate the ban would be dealt with in accordance with the Taliban ‘rules and regulations’ and their equipment would be confiscated by the Taliban, the statement added.

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