Peace in South Asia only possible after US exit from Afghanistan: PML-Q

      PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said the US should chart out an exit strategy from Afghanistan in order to establish peace in South Asia. "Whatever is happening in Pakistan started in Afghanistan, and the US needs to plan an exit strategy for the war-torn country in order to establish peace in South Asia," the Daily Times quoted Hussain, as saying. He also slammed Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for not being able to "change a comma or full stop" in the Kerry-Lugar legislation despite US Senator John Kerry's visit to Pakistan. He added that the Pak government has not been able to explain how the US legislation would be applied in its current form with all its "lethal clauses", especially the ones regarding Pakistan's nuclear programme. "The Pakistan Muslim League maintains that US presence in any form is unacceptable and the government needs to explain whether the presence exists near Kahuta or not," Hussain added.

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