US working out new strategy to counter 'propaganda and misinformation' in Pak: Clinton

      US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has said that the Obama administration is working to counter the 'propaganda and misinformation' being spread against various US actions with regard to Pakistan, including the controversial Kerry-Lugar bill. Speaking at the US Institute of Peace, Clinton said Washington has adopted a new approach through which it wants to clear all misstatements surrounding the aid bill. "We have adopted a new approach, which is, we do not leave any misstatement or inaccuracy unanswered," The Nation quoted Clinton, as saying. "We are moving very rapidly to try to fill that void. We have a new team going into Pakistan. A Public Affairs officer may be already there. We have adopted a new approach, which is we do not leave any misstatement or inaccuracy unanswered. It may be that people won't believe it at first, but we intend to counter a lot of this propaganda with the best weapon we have; namely, the truth," she added. Describing the Kerry Lugar bill as a 'great milestone' in the relationship of the two countries, she said the US, through the bill, not only wants to be a good partner of the Pakistan government, but also hopes to work for the people of the troubled nation.

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