Sharif holds 'one-man rule' responsible for Pakistan's dismal situation

      PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has held "one-man rule" responsible for Pakistan's dismal economic and security situation. "Disasters overtake the country under one-man rule. We will have to reform is shameful that we are holding a begging bowl despite being an atomic power. The dictator has earned billions by surrendering our sovereignty, and now the nation should question about the spending of those dollars," the Nation quoted Sharif, as saying. He added that Pakistani dictators have violated the law, tore the Constitution and toppled the elected government to cater to their personal whims. In doing so, they played with the nation's destiny and stability, he added. "We have earned back what we had lost, and now our decisions are for the national integration and to uphold the dignity of the Constitution and give people their due rights," he said. Sharif was addressing PML-N local workers on Thursday after condoling the death of MNA Tehmina Daultana's husband here.

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