'Soft target' Karachi Port next on terror hit list: Pak intelligence report

      A Pakistani intelligence report has revealed that following the brazen terror attacks on the Army General Headquarters (GHQ) and other security installations, extremists are now on the lookout for a 'soft target and could attack the Karachi Port in near future. Sources said intelligence agencies have also warned about a probable attack on various seaports across the country. The Daily Times reported that Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has also acknowledged the impending threat to country's seaports and other important installations within Karachi. It is worth mentioning here that there is only a single police station with about a dozen policemen guarding the whole Karachi port area, which houses several important installations such as the Karachi Port Trust oil terminal, the dockyard, shipyard, Customs House and PNSC building. The security force deployed in the port area is ill-equipped to counter any terror attack, which makes the Karachi port a sitting duck for the militants to unleash their terror. A senior police official, however, claimed that they are prepared to thwart any extremist attack. He said that apart from the security being beefed up, the Navy and other concerned departments have also been directed to maintain a strict vigil in the area.

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