Qureshi blames US for rise of terrorism in Pakistan

      Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has blamed the United States for the rise of terrorism in the country. Interacting with media persons during a press conference at the Multan Airport , Qureshi held America responsible for the continuous spate of violence in the region. “We’ve made it clear to the Americans that they are responsible for this problem. They established training camps and created mujahideen to disintegrate Russia . When it collapsed, they left and we fell prey to the menace of terrorism,” The Nation quoted Qureshi, as saying. Qureshi said that the issue of terrorism needed a regional-level solution and urged countries like Afghanistan and Iran to support Pakistan in its effort to fight the menace. Commenting on the on-going military offensive in South Waziristan , the stronghold of the Taliban, he said the government had taken all political parties on board before giving a nod for the operation. Responding to a query regarding the controversial Kerry Lugar bill, Qureshi said the final decision on it would be taken by Parliament, but stressed that there was no ambiguity on the legislation now. “We’re not bound to accept any American condition. But we need their support to defeat terrorists. That’s why we’ll have to improve our relations with the Americans instead of deteriorating them,” he said.

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