Textile units import powerlooms at low prices during recession

      Cashing in on the global meltdown, textile industries in Bhilwara in Rajasthan imported about 15000 power looms from sick units abroad. The textile industries imported around 15000 second hand machineries worth approximately 12 billion rupees from sick units forced to pull down their shutters due to recession. "As per rough estimates, till now textile industries in Bhilwara have imported 14,000-15,000 machines with an approximate value of 10 billion-12 billion rupees," said Suresh Kogta, Joint Secretary, Synthetic Cloth Mill Association. Till few months before, these hi-tech cloth weaving looms were used in weaving cloth for the buyers in European market. But today textile industry of Bhilwara is the proud owner of these looms. The normal price of these highly advanced looms is around nine million rupees, but they have been imported at just fifteen per cent of the price, including the transportation. "We are expecting that textile industry will expand 25 per cent more in future than what it is today. Because all the land in Bhilwara, which is to be utilised for constructing industries, are already booked," said Kogta. Bhilwara was the birth place of the textile industry in 1961. The city has since emerged as India 's largest manufacturer of suitings, fabrics and yarn. Its share in the polyester fabrics sector is around 50 per cent in India . Today, Bhilwara has around 400 medium and big sized units weaving suiting clothes worth rupees 3.5 billion rupees per month. Bhilwara produces some major garment brands like BSL, Mayur Suitings and Suzuki Suitings.

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