Security beefed up in Jharkhand to counter Maoist threat

      People of Jharkhand's Palamu district said that they feel more secure after more police stations were opened and more frequent patrolling to combat Maoists. In the past six months authorities have opened up three OPs (outer posts) in the Palamu district alone especially in Pipara, Kishanpur, Nava villages. A police station was also set up in the Ramgarh village recently. "This Ramgarh police station was opened recently. We go for regular police patrol in the villages. Villagers are much happier now. Earlier they were very scared and now if they have any problem they are not hesitant to approach us," said N Kujur, sub-inspector, Ramgarh police station. Vinod, a villager in Ramgarh said he felt happy as people were coming forward to take part in development activities. "Earlier people were very scared. They were hesitant to take part in any development work for the village. Now villagers are very happy. It is nice to see that village is developing. Specially after opening of police station in the village, we are relived," said Vinod. India is battling Maoists across eastern, central and southern India, an insurgency that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described as the biggest internal security challenge since independence. The government of India formally been labelled Maoists as a terrorist group which gives security forces more enforcement powers.

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