Brit dads choosing part time jobs to spend more time with family

      Fathers these days prefer to choose flexible or part-time working hours to be able to take out more time for their family, a new study has found. The research conducted by The Children's Mutual found that 26 per cent of the 2000 surveyed dads decided to work part-time, while 24 per cent started working flexibly, for the sake of their loved ones. Fourteen per cent said they chose to stop working altogether following the birth of their children. "The changing role of dads within families is a positive step towards the greater recognition of what dads can and do contribute to family life," the Telegraph quoted chief executive of The Children's Mutual, as saying. David White added: "Dads play a vital role within their children's lives and their homes, so it's great to see these changing family dynamics. "One of the most important roles for every dad is being a provider for his children, whether that's as the main breadwinner or lead carer. Dads want to provide for their children now and will want to continue to do so as they grow up."

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