No LeT, JeM terrorists in Pak’s newly released Red Book of ‘most wanted’ criminals

     The Pakistan Crime Investigation Department (CID) has released its ‘Red book’ that includes name and profiles of almost 70 most wanted criminals, but it surprisingly does not include any terrorists from the LeT or JeM. The ‘red book’ contains data of terrorists suspected of sowing death and destruction in Islamabad , including the Marriot Hotel bombing of Sept 20 last year, according to the Dawn. Syed Ibraruddin, 28, a Peshawar resident has been named as the most wanted suspect for the Marriot Hotel suicide attack. His accomplices Rana Ishfaq (32) and Mohammad Imran (36) have been listed as the ‘big three’ of the Marriott bloodbath. Ibraruddin and Mohammad Imran are members of the Harkatul Mujahideen (HuM) while Rana Ishfaq belongs to Harkatul Jihad Islami. The HuM was operational in Jammu and Kashmir during the late 90s. The name of Aqeel Ahmed alias Dr Usman, the lone surviving gunman of the General Headquarters (GHQ) attack, has not found any place in the ‘red book’. Copies of the ‘red book’ have been sent to all law enforcement agencies, including the interior ministry.

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