Audit report exposes massive irregularities, corruption inside Pakistan Govt

      While the Pakistan Government is struggling with internal strife and numerous economic setbacks, a report submitted to President Asif Ali Zardari portrays a different picture of the country. According to the report submitted by Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP), the Government had spent atrocious amounts of money on some pointless issues, and corruption was rapidly engulfing the institutions and departments. The audit report exposure included huge irregularities amounting to Rs. 396.15 million during audit of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in 2007-08. It included unauthorized re-appropriation of funds worth Rs.52.258 million, unauthorized expenditure on treating state guests to foreign delegates that amounted to Rs. 3.402 million, payment of honorarium, pay and allowances, income tax, payment of General Sales Tax without invoices and repair of building that stood at Rs.94.914 million, The Nation reports. It also revealed the unauthorized maintenance of four bank accounts by MFA, besides non-accounted for procurement and purchase of gifts worth Rs. 97.811 million. The report also observed that Rs.1.44 million was paid to the Chief Protocol Officer for payments of tips during Prime Minister’s visits abroad in 2006-2007, but no confirmation was available on the record. The auditors, while compiling the audit report asked MFA to provide detailed utilization of national exchequer of Rs.1.44 million duly signed by concerned missions and Chief of Protocol for verification, however no record was provided to the AGP till July 2009.

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