India expresses concern over growing Taliban terror

      External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna on Friday expressed concern over the Taliban's terror activities in the region and said forces of terror within Pakistan are threatening to spill over. "I am concerned about the forces that are at work in Pakistan, which have created instruments of terrorism and invariably India is the object of their attacks," Krishna said. "So, we are concerned with all those organisations, which have links with the terror operatives," he added. Krishna's remark comes on the heels of attacks by Taliban in Lahore, where they carried out three simultaneous strikes on police establishments. Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud, who recently met several journalists to dispel reports that he had died in fighting with a rival militant faction, threatened to dispatch terrorists to fight India. Earlier, during his interaction with journalists, Mehsud had said that the Taliban would act against India. "We will help Pakistan to fight against India," he said. External Affairs Ministry sources see elements within the Pakistani establishment is a bigger worry than the Taliban.

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