Bulb industry of Dehradun facing closure, thanks to China-made lights

      Chinese lights have flooded the market during 'Diwali' leaving the bulb industry of Dehradun on the verge of closure. Already, 90 percent of the bulb factories have closed down with the rest 10 percent struggling hard to stay put. The bulb makers hope that the State Government would come to their rescue and save the factories from closure. "The bulb factories at present are in a very bad conditions, thanks to the Chinese made goods. Our labourers do not have enough work and most of the factories are on the verge of closure. Almost 90 per cent of the factories have already closed down. If the government apply some tax on these Chinese made goods, then it would be beneficial for our labourers and some factories might be saved from being closed," said Banwarilal, a labourer. Nirmal Singh , the owner of a bulb factory expressed concern over the increasing influence of Chinese made goods over local market. "Now due to the Chinese made goods, it has affected the skilled labour because they cannot do any other work. They are also not getting paid enough for their labour. Moreover, because of the Chinese made goods, the rates of our bulbs have also gone down. Rates of everything else in the market is increasing but not of labour," said Singh. Diwali is celebrated across India on Kartik Amavasya or, the new moon day, in Kartik month as per Hindu almanac. Legend has it that Lord Ram entered Ayodhya on this day after 14 years in self-exile. People of Ayodhya lit lamps to welcome Lord Ram's return, and hence Diwali is observed.

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