China can make as much noise as it wants on Arunachal Pradesh: Farooq Abdullah

     Reacting to China's statement over Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's tour of Arunachal Pardesh, Union Minister for New and Renewable resources, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, matained that China is in the habit of making noises, but Arunchal Pradesh will remain N integral part of India. Addressing a felicitation function organised for the Jammu and Kashmir under-16 cricket team at his Jammu residence, Abdullah said: "China may make as much noise as it wants to make, Arunchal is part of India, integral part of India. Therefore it does not cut any ice as far as I am concerned. It is a part of India and will remain part of India. China can speak as much as it wants to speak." Reacting to Home Minister P. Chidambaram's statement that the Center is ready to talk with all political sections of Kashmir, he said: "I heard Mr. Chidambarm today when I was in the waiting lounge of Indian Airlines, Chidambaram said that I will talk to everybody and anybody, but it will be a very quiet thing. It will not be put before the press as earlier when we have talks with Ehsaan Dar and I know how the press was jumping at them. So that's a very good thing. let him have a quiet talk and let him have and find way out of this tragedy we have."

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