Don't micromanage Pakistan's war on terror, Musharraf warns US

      Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has warned the United States that it should not try to "micromanage" Pakistan's anti-terrorism efforts against the Taliban. "Don't get into micromanaging how Pakistan works because we know how to do it better than you," the Daily Times Quoted Musharraf, as saying. Musharraf said that while Islamabad needed America's financial support to defeat the Taliban and other extremists, his country could manage anti-terrorism on its own. "I am a firm believer that Pakistan is a country that has the resources and human capital to rise on its own with no assistance from anybody in the world," he said. Musharraf pointed out that it was the US that helped create the Taliban in the 1980s to fight against the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan. America encouraged the rise of Al Qaeda by abandoning the 35,000 ethnic Pashtun fighters after Moscow pulled out of the country, he said. "Washington must regain the Pashtuns' trust if it is to bring stability to Afghanistan," he said.

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