Trinamool Congress strips 'Congress' from logo

March 26, 2019
KOLKATA: The Trinamool Congress of Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will no more use 'Congress' as part of the party's name in social media, election posters, other publicity materials, the party's logo and wherever it is possible right away.

Mamata had broken away from the Indian National Congress 21 years ago and had named her party as Trinamool Congress. She had parted ways with the Congress over differences in dealing with the then ruling CPM. The CPM was her main opponent in politics and she fought and defeated single-handed the well-entrenched, powerful CPM, the national party, that ruled Bengal for a long 34 years.

In the new logo, Trinamool is written in green and has a visual of a twin- flowers and blue background.

"TMC is called Trinamool and after 21 years, it was time for a change," a party leader was quoted as saying.

However, the registration with the Election Commission of India will remain as Trinamool Congress for the time being.

The Facebook and Twitter pages of the party, Mamta and other leaders like Abhishek Banerjee and Derek O Brien are already displaying the new logo for a week now.

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