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Mexico wall: US Congress may lack support to turn down Trump veto

March 17, 2019
WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has vetoed the resolution passed by Congress to nullify the national emergency order issued by him to raise funds for building a fence at the Mexico border to prevent illegal migrants and refugees coming in to America, and it apperas the veto will stand as when it comes to Congress both chambers need two-thirds majority each to negate the veto. The winner will be Trump.

“Congress passed a dangerous resolution that, if signed into law, would put countless Americans in danger,” Trump said. On the occasion in the White House he was surrounded by victims of migrant crimes and law officials, on Friday.

"Congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and I have the duty to veto it," Trump said.

A dozen Republicans had supported the resolution passed by the Senate on Thursday. The House of Representatives had voted last month. The previous day the Senate had in a similar way opposed Trump's military support to Saudi intervention in Yemen.

When initially Congress had refused to allocate more than $1.4 b for the border wall, Trump had resorted to the emergency provision and tried to divert $3.6 b of Pentagon construction funds.

Trump has been campaigning that the Democrat policy was leading to increasing crimes by refugees in America, allowing criminals and drugs come in.

After the veto now the resolution will come to Congress where two- thirds majority is needed in each chamber to turn down the veto, which is unlikely to come.

The Senate had voted 59-41. But to override the veto it needs to have a bigger tallly of 67. So also the House voted 245-182 and it now needs two-thirds of a total of 435 votes. However, House Spreaker Nancy Pelosi has called a vote in the House to negate the veto on March 26.

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