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Widespread food shortages, looting in crisis-ridden Venezuela

March 12, 2019
CARACAS: There has been widespread looting in Venezuela following acute food shortages and a continuing blackout even as the country is plunged into a deepening political, economic and law and order crisis.

People ransacked food shops and ran amuck to find water and fuel. Amidst alarming shortages, the situation looked grim with people turning to sewer water to quench their thirst and save life.

The blackout entered the sixth day. The oil-rich South American nation’s public transport and hospitals have been crippled since Thursday last.

Opposition leader Juan Guiadó, who has proclaimed himself as the president, is trying to seize power from President Nicolas Maduro. He is being supported by the US and several other countries.

The mayhem has escalated what with shooting inflation and the bolivar currency losing its value.

Amidst non-stop looting, vigilate forces supporting the Government are out on the streets to enforce order by arresting rioters.

Maduro has accused the US of sabotaging the country's electricity system.

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