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Rebel attack in Somali Capital ends: 24 killed

March 2, 2019
MOGADISHU: Twenty-four people were killed in a long-drawn attack by Al-Shabab insurgents in the heart of Capital Mogadishu starting Thursday. The siege ended with the elimination of the extremist attackers the next day.

The attack started with a car bomb blast in a busy street of the city on Thursday evening. A portion of a hotel was damaged. Dozens of cars caught fire on Maka Almukarramah Road.

Four gunmen began firing at buildings. The extremists holed up inside a building and exchanged fire with security forces. The attacks continued into Friday.

Doctors at Erdogan Hospital in Mogadishu said they had received 55 wounded people, AP reported.

Soldiers rescued 35 civilians who were used as human shields by the militants. The attack began with a militant blowing himself up with car bomb.

Security forces showed photos of bodies of four of the attackers.

The militants confirmed that four of their group had been killed and others managed to escape.

“The Somali government will never stop its war on Al-Shabab, our aim is to be done with them, whatever the cost,” Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire told reporters late on Friday.

The al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab is Africa's deadliest Islamic extremist group. They are fighting the Somalia government, seeking to impose sharia law. The latest attack was a response to US air strikes on them in the past few days.

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