Pope on abuses by priests: Spare no effort to bring them to justice

Feb 24, 2019
VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis opened a historic four-day summit conference of 190 leaders of bishops conferences and religious orders.at Vatican on sex abuse and presented before the gathering 21 proposals on how to prevent such evils, to punish predators and to keep children safe, last Thursday.

The pope asked to “spare no effort” to bring abusers to justice.

At the summit, five videotaped testimonies from victims about their abuse were presented. One woman from Africa disclosed that a priest raped her repeatedly since age 15 and forced her to have three abortions over the following 13 years.

A little before the Vatican summit opened, activists in Poland pulled down a statue of a priest accused of sexual abuses.

Francis, the first Latin American pope, called the summit after he himself botched a well-known sex abuse cover-up case in Chile last year and the scandal reignited in the U.S.

More than 30 years after the scandal first erupted in Ireland and Australia, and 20 years after it hit the U.S., bishops and Catholic officials in many parts of Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia still either deny that clergy sex abuse exists in their regions or play down the problem, the Monitor wrote.

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