PAF jets pound South Waziristan, 31 extremists killed

     Hours after Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik announced that a military offensive in South Waziristan was 'imminent' following the audacious terror attack on the Army General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) pounded several areas of the Taliban stronghold killing at least 31 suspected terrorists. "Jet fighters bombed various Taliban hideouts in Mamoond district of Bajaur," The Nation quoted local government official Manasib Khan, as saying. Khan said PAF fighter jets targeted Taliban hideouts on mountaintops and underground bunkers. "Ground troops are also using artillery to pound militant positions in Mamoond area," he added. "Pakistan fighter jets bombed hideouts at Makeen and Ladha towns," said Syed Shahab Ali Shah, the top administrative official of the region. PAF's operation came after the 24-hour hostage drama inside the Army General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi was declared over following a commando operation, which left 19 people dead, including nine attackers. One of the attackers was caught alive by the Pakistani security forces in the operation.

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