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Arms lobbyist and property baron Trump enters race for White House

May 26, 2016

New York: The property baron Donald Trump has unofficially won the GOP nomination for the American presidential race as he has by now received the required number of delegates and one more than that to clinch the nomination. The number of delegates needed to win the nomination is 1,237. He defeated 16 other contenders so far.

However, the 'unbound delegates' in the party has still a say. If he finally wins nomination, he will face either former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the contenders still fighting for Democrat nomination.

The final Republican primaries of the remaining States will be held on June 7. They include California and New Jersey. Thereafter at a July convention the GOP will officially declare the nomination.

Taking a dig at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, his most likely general election rival, at a press conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, the New York real estate billionaire and supporter of the arms lobby clamoured, "Here I am watching Hillary fight and she can't close the deal." He virtually launched his presidential race beforehand!

By winning about 40 of the delegates of the Washington State primary on Tuesday, Trump was less than ten delegates short of clinching the GOP nomination. That was on predicted lines. In fact, his decisive win in Indiana early May had forced his rivals out of the race. Although clashes at times marred the TV entrepreneur's campaign like in Albuquerque, as also his

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