Kher turns down Basit's offer of visa to visit literary festival in Karachi

February 3, 2016

NEW DELHI: Actor Anupam Kher on Wednesday rejected Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit's offer of visa for him visit Karachi to attend the literature festival there which was earlier reportedly denied.

On Tuesday Kher had alleged that the High Commission had refused to give him visa to attend the festival to be held from February 5 to 7. The High Commission had denied the report. The actor was among 18 Indiand invited.

Alleging that his stand on Kashmiri pandits may have influenced the reported denial of visa, Kher wrote: "Reality remains that Pak interior ministry refused to grant NoC for my visa. 17 others invited also did not apply for visa."

Denying the reports, the High Commission told Kher that if he wanted he could get the visa in hours. Kher had also alleged that the Pak interior ministry had refused a no- objection certificate. Basit tweeted: "Sorry Sir Idont know who told you about the so- called NoC, we are still to receive your visa application and passport."

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