Shinde for specialized training to private guards to counter terror threat

     Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on Wednesday called for giving specialized training and new technology to private security guards who keep vigil at banks, malls, hospitals to counter the threat of terrorism. Inaugurating a three-day seminar on 'Disaster Mitigation and Loss Prevention through Security, Safety and Fire Prevention' organised by the International Institute of Security and Safety Management (IISSM), Shinde described private security guards as value-added assets.

"Police are the arm of the government and they are responsible for the internal security and they provide law and order. But private security is a value added asset for the police, and they are present all over the country," Shinde said. There are an estimated five million such guards in India . Abt 15,000 private agencies employ them. Stating that these private security guards needs specialised training, Shinde said: "They provide security to banks, corporate houses, hospitals, malls, they require specialised training, as there are many new security threats including terrorism." "Private security industry must derive a strategy that will protect and promote overall security environment. The industry must direct itself and change there strategy, the industry should integrate new technology," Shinde added.

"There are no standards for the security industry, whereas there are standards for the fire industry. If anybody wants to install a camera or any other surveillance equipment across the country, there are no common standards maintained. The home ministry should step in and bring in some kind of standardization," a member of the IISSM, was quoted, as saying. "If proactive steps and much required reforms for the private security is not done now... with the low ratio of police it will be very difficult to handle the crime rate," he added.

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