South Korea developing kamikaze Devil Killer drone capable of hitting North

      A suicide drone capable of a strike in North Korea is under development in South Korea. The ‘Devil Killer’ can reach speeds of approximately 250 mph and has a length of about 5 feet, according to state-funded Korea Aerospace Industries.

The company has been working on the drone in partnership with the Hanyang University and Konkuk University. According to Fox News, Korea Aerospace offered a progress report on the drone project at the Joint Chief of Staff’s joint weapons system development seminar. The drone is intended to be portable, has foldable wings and weighs 55 pounds. It is pre-programmed with a route and using a video camera and GPS device, the drone can automatically identify targets.

The company said it can either undertake an automatic strike or a manually executed one, the report said. Like Aerovironment’s Switchblade, a leading U.S. version of this sort of kamikaze drone, if the drone can not acquire its target, it can be redirected to another mission. According to the report, it is rumored that the ‘Devil Killer’ could strike a target 25 miles away in about 10 minutes. After further testing and development, the Devil Killer is expected to be deployable by 2015, the report added.

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