Google adds Street View to web maps service to lure users from iPhone

     Now, irritated Apple users need not worry about errors and omissions made in the Maps service, as Google has updated its web-based maps app, which iPhone users can easily access through their mobile's web browser. Google made its Street View product available on mobile web browsers in a bid to lure users away from Apple's failed maps service on the new iPhone5. "To make Google Maps even more comprehensive, accurate and useful, today we're making Street View available on mobile browsers," the Daily Mail quoted Amanda Leicht, Product Manager Google Maps, as saying. "With access to Street View on your phone, you can use panoramic, street-level imagery to explore and navigate the places around you, even on the go," Leicht added. According to the paper, the Internet search giant is also believed to be working on a map app of its own after Apple dumped it from the built in maps app on iPads and iPhones.

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