Obama holds 18-point lead over Romney among women: Poll

      President Barack Obama has an 18-point lead over Republican rival Mitt Romney, as he has a commanding lead among female voters. In Quinnipiac’s survey, 49 percent Americans prefer Obama, compared to Romney who has 45 percent among likely voters. That lead is built upon the 56 percent to 38 percent advantage that Obama has built among women.

According to Politico, Romney has a 10-point lead among men, leading Obama 52 percent to 42 percent. “It is also very difficult to win an election when you are getting shellacked among women, the group that makes up about half the electorate,” Quinnipiac's assistant director Peter Brown, said in a release. Romney edges Obama among independent voters, with 47 percent backing him over 45 percent for Obama. He also leads among white voters, 53 percent to 42 percent.

Voters have a more favorable impression of the Democratic Party, with 49 percent of voters rating the Democrats unfavorably. Fifty-two percent of voters have a negative impression of the GOP.

And despite the Obama campaign’s efforts to lower expectations for Wednesday's debate, voters largely expect Obama to beat Romney handily. Just 28 percent of voters believe that Romney will win the debate, versus 54 percent who believe Obama will win.

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