Kejriwal promises new political party

     RTI crusader and India Against Corruption (IAC) activist Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday promised a political party with a difference, saying his outfit would contest the elections for nation's welfare and not for power. "I don't need to make a party. This is a party for the people of the country. People have joined us voluntarily. The women have expressed interest in joining our party. There is a need to change the system. We will have to make the changes within a short span. We have a responsibility towards the next generation," said Kejriwal.

"We have accepted our rivals' challenges to fight polls. Government, opposition has colluded to loot the nation. This is the right time for us to enter politics. We have no option, but to take up the challenge," he added. Kejriwal also issued a stern warning to all those indulging in corrupt practices. "We will not plead, but will ourselves throw out the corrupt system. Days are numbered for India 's corrupt leaders. We are going to get rid of the VIP culture. Those indulging into corruption want to portray me as power hungry," he said.

Asserting that the government should take major decisions after consulting the public of the country, Kejriwal said: "The government can't function in isolation. Right now they are not aware of what the people want. The government needs to take decisions on the basis of public feedback. That is what our true democracy is. People voting once in five years can't be called true democracy." "Whatever issues we raise, we will see that it meets its logical end," he added.

The RTI crusader also hit out at Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit over the hike in water and power tariff. Kejriwal's party, which will be christened on November 26, will not allow elected representatives to use government accommodation, security, or the red beacons that guarantee right of way for vehicles used by MPs. Kejriwal, who was expected to launch his political party today, said that people of the country were looking for a political alternative, as they were fed up of corruption. Kejriwal said that today was a big day for all the people of the country who are tired of the existing political framework of the country, because they were finally getting an alternative.

"As you can see all the people here are not workers, they are ordinary citizens. You can see the excitement. They are coming together to form this party to change the politics of the country", he said. In a makeover of sorts, there were no 'I am Anna' or 'I am Arvind' caps, but there were Gandhi caps bearing the phrase 'Main Hu Aam Admi' ' Mujhe Chahiye Jan Lokpal' being given out to Kejriwal's supporters. Kejriwal had on Monday met Anna Hazare for the first time since they split and said that although their paths now diverged, their destination was the same.

Hazare had earlier said entering politics was not the correct way to fight corruption. "There was no cheating. I just said that politics is dirty and not the correct way to fight corruption. If politics would have been the right way towards the bright future of a country then why would have India mortgaged gold? Politics will not get development in the country," Hazare told the media here.

Team Anna suffered a vertical split with Hazare and some top activists choosing to part ways with the Arvind Kejriwal-led group, opposing their plans to form a political party. Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia and others want to form a political party and contest elections with the claim to usher in fundamental changes in the country's democratic structure.

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