Indian-American Chicago student died by drowning

     An 18-year-old Indian-America student, whose dead body was found floating in a harbor outside Chicago, died because of drowning, a medical expert has ruled. The Cook County, Illinois medical examiner told the family of Harsha Maddula that the teenager drowned, and that no signs of trauma or foul play were found during the autopsy. The teen's disappearance last week triggered a massive six-day search around the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston , where Maddula was a sophomore, the New York Post reports. Maddula was found Thursday evening floating between boats in a Lake Michigan harbor about two miles north of campus. According to police officials, Harsha, was suffering from diabetes, went out on Friday night last week with friends for two off-campus parties. On Saturday, some of his friends left the second party and headed on foot to a third about a quarter-mile away. When they arrived there, they realized that Harsha, who showed no signs of being drunk, was gone.

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